We Are Catalyst

Cheryl Leone Dave W. Favor Carl Solomon
Cheryl Leone
CEO Mentor Author Speaker
People Developer
Dave W. Favor
President Mentor Author Speaker
Strategic Thinker
Carl Solomon
Trusted Advisor Mentor Speaker
Law Firm Owner

Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor are the originators of Catalyst Group, Inc. With backgrounds in professional and law firm management and corporate level business management, Cheryl and Dave created a new look at professional practices,  law firms and small business by creating a high performance philosophy of best business practices and transforming under-performing entities into profitable ones. By adding the leadership and self-mastery component to the company, they have impacted the daily lives of their clients in how they work and live in the 21st century.   Cheryl and Dave feel it first has to be about their relationships with their clients who share similar core values. Many clients have started with Cheryl and Dave`s free back yard porch consultations at their home.  They are national speakers, authors and columnists.   Dave and Cheryl reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, with their Sheltie, Bo, their four children and three grand-children.  They are about family.

In 2013 Carl L. Solomon became the third member of the team that drives Catalyst. Carl started out as a client, took to heart the advice given, and transformed his law firm into a sustainable profitable law firm. He became passionate about the philosophy of Catalyst and quickly realized it applies across the board to all professional practices and small businesses. Carl lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife, Takisha, and his two children. He is a recognized community leader and a national speaker.

The three of them share very strong core values that keep them anchored.  Their humor and approach to life gives a sense of purpose to the way you are meant to live.  Each day brings new opportunities fro the people behind Catalyst.

Together the three of them create passion for their clients. They practice what they preach. And what they preach works. They have a strong belief in giving back to the communities they touch. They donate many pro bono hours to helping others whether in business or life.  Catalyst members have over 100 combined years experience in self-mastery, leadership, strategic planning and  business and law office management. Their  “think outside the box” approach has allowed their clients to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  When their clients need help, they are able to say Been There, Done That! with an understanding of what the needs are and a solution that works.

Asked one time to sum up what Catalyst does, Cheryl quickly replied, “We convert dreams to reality.”