The Catalyst Way

We live our lives based on The Catalyst Way. It’s about learning from each other. It’s relationships built on trust, respect, and a genuine desire to see the other person succeed. We have conversations that allow our clients to make informed decisions and act upon their values. Share ideas that enable personal and professional development based on reality. Catalyst is about self-mastery, encouragement, support and stimulated thinking. We believe shared knowledge leads to learning and growth.

Catalyst Group companies are mentoring companies. Our goal is to share our knowledge and help you get where you want to be. We believe this plays to our strengths and helps you achieve your personal and professional goals by teaching you how to get there. Whether you’re running a law firm, small business, or just need guidance in defining your vision, values, and goals, Catalyst is here. Personal and professional self-mastery are where we excel. Catalyst believes in conversations with its clients that lead to ‘ah ha’ moments when suddenly there is understanding over something that previously was viewed as an insurmountable obstacle. We allow our clients to make the decisions so that they can see the consequences. We allow our clients to implement solutions, so they learn. Consultants tell people what to do. Catalyst teaches people so they can do it for themselves.