Law Firm Coach


Law Firm Coach has been the heart of Catalyst Group, Inc. for many years.   Building on a foundation of knowledge based on ‘been there, done that’,  Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor have brought their expertise to level the field for small law firms or lawyers wanting to start their own practice.   They can touch every corner of law firms wanting to enter a high performance world.   Law Firm Coach has turned many a firm around and has helped launch new law firm owners who want to have a balanced values based management practice coupled with best business practices. Famous for their Needs & Assessment Program, Dave and Cheryl conduct reviews and strategic planning retreats that work.     Law Firm Coach has successfully handled partnership dissolutions and has helped redefine corporate structure and succession plans.

The testimonials of its satisfied lawyers speaks for itself.   From Planning to Profit (Favor) and Soaring Eagles (Leone) books are available in all e-formats.  For more information about Law Firm Coach, go to