In the summer of 2013, Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor attended a farewell to a beloved family member who expressed a desire to be disconnected from life support after a long illness.  This family member had a deep passion for his grand-children and wanted them to have all the opportunities in the world.    As they watched him and his  beloved grand-children say good-bye to each other, they began to discuss how young children need to have a way to see there is so much more in the world waiting for them if they could only experience the world.  That summer they sent one grandchild to a hockey camp at Penn State and they brought the other grandchild to Raleigh and Columbia for a couple of weeks of fun exploring.   They then went to Carl L. Solomon, a lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina, who has a passion for working with children.  Carl has demonstrated with commitment from him and his firm that children from all walks of life need help especially during the first formative years.

The next question was how many children could the three help.   Then and there Kid Strong was born to become a strong community outreach program that can be used by like-minded professionals and businesses that reaches all fifty-two states.  There will be a developed branded program that can be adopted by any practice or business in any area through a license with the company.   KidStrong  is in its infancy  but Cheryl, Dave & Carl believe they can show many more children there are limitless opportunities awaiting for them when children are kept secure, strong and safe.

If you are interested in the KidStrong CRM program, contact for further information.