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Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone are Catalyst and have been since 1999. Since then, the team has expanded, but the goals are the same. Taking their passion for building a positive business or practice and implementing values based management and high performance business, they have touched lives all over the United States. Their client loyalty is unsurpassed in today’s business world. They believe this is because it has always been about the client both personally and professionally.

The Catalyst brand includes Law Firm Coach and The Catalyst Way, among others. Cheryl and Dave recognize their philosophy – called the Catalyst Way –  involves more than just business. Their many loyal clients have joined them on the path, finding a new way to live and work with teachings in self-mastery, leadership, and learning to live this unbalanced life with joy. Won’t you join us?


Law Firm Coach has been the heart of Catalyst Group, Inc. for many years. Building on a foundation of knowledge based on ‘been there, done that’,  the Law Firm Coach team has brought its expertise to level the field for small law firms or lawyers wanting to start their own practice. If you are ready to take your law firm to one that is high performing and more profitable – all while achieving your personal and professional dreams – give us a call.

Law Firm Coach has turned many a firm around and has helped launch new law firm owners who want to have a balanced values based management practice coupled with best business practices. The testimonials from satisfied lawyers speaks for themselves. Visit the Law Firm Coach website.

Wise Business Leader

Over the years, Catalyst founders, Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor, have seen themselves in all companies as teachers and mentors. With a first passion to teach others the art of self-mastery, leadership and how to have a 360-degree look at your world while trying to live an unbalanced life, Dave and Cheryl bring an amazing array of help through individual mentoring, teaching, their writings, and business and personal development. Visit the Wise Business Leader website.

Law Firm Whisperer

Building a common sense personal injury law firm means that it should be simple, easy to understand, and utilize the best business practices to create profit.  Law Firm Whisperer has practical, time-tested tools, tips and forms for running a personal injury case that will achieve better client satisfaction and quality work product.  We believe in high performance staff and have created many products to build this into a law firm.

By joining Law Firm Whisperer you will have access to all our processes, products and forms we have been painstakingly developed over 25 years.  As we create new processes and procedures, you will get the benefit of these tools.  The subscriptions are reasonably priced, you only need one new case to pay for the annual fee (or pay monthly if you prefer). Visit the Law Firm Whisperer website.

The Catalyst Way

The Catalyst Way

The Catalyst Way is a holistic look at your world from work to living to play. It is focused on helping you find your passions, turn them into your own business or career, and coming up with a reality-based plan to make it all work. They have ‘been there, done that’ on most things in life and they candidly admit the mistakes they made could have been avoided if they had known then what they know now. Their desire to bring you into a new world with a sound reality check shows that you can indeed live an unbalanced life with joy. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter(s) to join us on the Catalyst Way!