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    <p> Sunny and clear, mid-80s, wind south about 8-12 mph. Very sticky this morning, humidity 90-100% (how can humidity be 100% when it’s not raining?), temps in the 70s and rising rapidly, wind south (headwind, dang it) 10 mph but increases to 12-20 before I reach Madison. Colorado has been having 90º temps so this is a perfect way to warm up (ha ha) for that weather. It’s a hot ride home – too hot for photos – humidity still up in the 90s and temps in the mid-80s, but every so often a crosswind blows and keeps me from drowning in sweat. He wanted to go west, over the Wollondilly River, to show me a particular geographical feature he had seen on a trip back to his home from Cowra. Mr. M gets in the car and I get back on the bike for an excellent ride home – that glorious tailwind carries me all the way with very little effort. The Lizard has kindly reassembled Iris after her trip in the box, and Snowcatcher and I go out for a short ride to make sure all is well with the bike.</p>

    <p> On way out of town, see just the heads of two sandhill cranes poking up from tall grass in ditch; they look hilarious and slightly surprised to see me riding by slightly above their eye level. Chicory is in bloom, also lots of birdsfoot trefoil, cow parsley, daisies, salsify, and delicate yellow wildflower I haven’t learned yet (must look it up). See some large trees that have split blown down from last night’s storm, also yard with HUGE twisted pieces of metal strewn all about – a barn roof must have been torn off by the wind. About mile 40 realise I have not been drinking enough water since last rest stop, and this has made me a bit woozy. Clouds roll in before the end, and drop a few sprinkles on me in the last 2 miles. Deb sets a brisk pace and a few miles out I pile on the steam to catch up to her and point out another rainbow.</p>

    <p> I might want to see a day in the life of a bishop, or find out what a character’s favourite horse looked like or what made him or her amused or angry. This is just like those extra two chain stitches on our base chain. Easily fixed by our crew of two (bike support tent NO good at this rest stop – “We don’t work on sewups” – Deb disgusted that he doesn’t even offer to help us get the wheel off.) Then back on the road and all is well. That means they receive and transmit on different frequencies even though they are on the same channel. Digital motion X-ray (DMX) is an X-ray video: many hundreds or even thousands of X-ray images strung together.1 This technology seems amazing, and maybe it offers some diagnostic hope to people with serious, mysterious chronic pain, especially in the neck and back.</p>

    <p> On the way back, metal pieces all gone from aforementioned property – driveway is full of vehicles and people are working hard to clear the area. I have no idea how it started or got the way it was. Have been eating lots of sugary snacks along the way – cookies, granola bar, etc. Also some gorgeous fruit – plums, nectarines. Blackbirds sing me all the way to Madison. Yay – I can ride to Madison for breakfast! Exhausted but happy – a great ride and a great experience. A great ride and my longest ever! 73 miles. Saw a great variety of wildflowers; spent second half of ride reciting their initials (in alphabetical order) so I could remember them all when I got home: aster, black-eyed Susan, chicory, clover, campion, cow vetch, daylily, daisy fleabane, elder, knapweed, Queen Anne’s Lace, milkweed, motherwort, mullein, salsify, soapwort, spiderwort, thistle, Turk’s-cap lily, wild bergamot, wild parsnip.</p>

    <p> After lunch feel much better, get second wind and settle down to the business of climbing (hills start up about 5 miles into this stage). We do a short loop – I can definitely feel the difference in oxygen levels. As well, you can try Mac data recovery software such as uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, which is very effective in recovering your files. If not, you have to use Samsung hard drive recovery software to help you recover the lost data. This meant that all the women and children would have been separated from the men. All sorts and conditions of men and women riding today. 7/11/13 – First time riding since Bike MS! Felt great to be back on bike and back on the road – nice brisk ride. Leg beginning to cramp up and crotch pretty darn sore, but otherwise a great ride. Leg so crampy after break that only massage will loosen it up enough to get back on bike.</p>

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