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    Jules Pinkerton

    Discovering Lehi
    New Evidence of Lehi and Nephi in Arabia

    by Lynn M. Hilton, Hope A. Hilton

    Discovering Lehi : Read More

    • Release date: January 1, 1996
    • Author: Lynn M. Hilton, Hope A. Hilton
    • Genres: religion
    • Format: paperback, 205 pages
    • ISBN: 9781555172763 (1555172768)
    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.

    About The Book

    This “fascinating Mormon odyssey” was first commissioned by The Ensign. But no mention was ever made in that work of the Lihyan (Arabic transliteration for “The People of Lehi”) civilization and the remarkable possibilities found in its Arabian ruins. In addition to the Hilton’s original research, they have discovered volumes of new evidence and new possibilities. The findings in this book may just be the sign saying, “I, Lehi, was here.” It is possible that Lehi and Nephi were actually great missionaries; that they converted thousands as hinted at in D&C 33:8-10. This new evidence suggests that Arabian converts of Nephi and Levi grew in number and influence and prospered (as all civilizations of The Book of Mormon were promised) over a period of 1000 years until they actually ruled Arabia for an additional 300 years. This work may be the most remarkable evidence currently available that Levi and Nephi actually existed and may be the only research to date to actually pinpoint Book of Mormon locations with any degree of accuracy. It is astounding that the city Nephi referred to as Nahum actually exists today as a city of ancient origins. It conforms to the Book of Mormon description of the burial place of Ishmael and the point where they changed their direction of travel from south-southeast to nearly eastward toward Bountiful. Here within our very grasp may be the first physical and historical evidence that Lehi and Nephi, lived, breathed, struggled and taught the gospel as marvelous and influential prophets of The Book of Mormon. — — from book’s back cover

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