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    안전검증사이트This quickly starts to feel at least as premium as its price tag, particularly when seeing the current retails on other Ducky One 2 Mini keyboards on sites like Newegg. And I am really getting to like the slightly more shallow (1.8 mm actuation, 3.8 mm total travel) feel of these HyperX Reds. These are mainly focused on both the feel of the key caps and switches, as well as the keyboard’s onboard adjustments. Key caps are a critical aspect of a keyboard’s feel, of course, and while we will cover the key switches in a moment I have to draw attention to these PBT double-shot key caps. The BlackBerry 5 OS has also been continued on this model, so experienced BlackBerry users will find the interface very familiar. And finally, while I was a little thrown by the lack of software control with the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini, this could just as easily be a selling point to users who prefer on-keyboard control.

    One thing I need to point out about the keycaps (with our sample, anyhow) was a rough, notched bottom edge, apparently from the manufacturing process. IT IS NOT A KEYBOARD, IT ONLY is (ABS Plastic) KEYCAPS OF THE KEYS. This is barely visible when looking at the keyboard, but removing the key caps (or 안전 놀이터 looking at the extra key caps included) revealed it. Alternates are included for various buttons, including a Year of the Rat spacebar, and a key cap puller is also included. Earlier this year we looked at a slightly larger 65-percent design with the Drop ALT, an enthusiast keyboard with a $230 price tag (before Chris swapped out the key caps). It is a full set, design to replace keycaps on Ducky LED keyboard, 100% work good with the LED light. The key caps are Ducky’s PBT double-shot seamless design, and in addition to the usual characters there are a number of secondary functions printed on the sides of keycaps. I’ll end this section with a quick look at lighting with a few colors, as depending on the color/intensity there is some uneven light bleed through the red key caps. To be sure, this is far more of an enthusiast keyboard than any HyperX model I’ve tested to date, and the Ducky experience is a lot different if you are used to software to control lighting and macros (as I am).

    Moving on to customization, I’ll begin by mentioning that I don’t exactly love being required to run software to adjust lighting and other settings on gaming peripherals. Personal tastes vary, and I don’t love the look of the glossy red plastic myself, but that’s just my own preference. “The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini mechanical gaming keyboard features HyperX red linear mechanical switches built for performance, longevity and an 80 million lifetime click rating per switch. I first used the HyperX Red switches with the Alloy Origins keyboard, and there I felt that the standard ABS key caps detracted from what could have been a more premium experience. This appears to be characteristic of the light (or white) colored Ducky key caps, however. If you are a gamer, you should buy a gaming keyboard that supports anti-ghosting with full Key rollover. If you’re using it far away you should buy a wireless keyboard so the wire does not get in the way.

    If you are going to be typing for long periods of time you should buy an ergonomic keyboard that keeps your hands in a relaxed and neutral position. This means that the gamer doesn’t have to press down fully to get the keystroke to register, leading to faster typing. Getting used to button combinations will take more time than the short evaluation period leading up to this review, but from the reviews of other Ducky models I’ve read and watched it clearly isn’t a big friction point. I won’t go too heavily into my own preferences here, and these impressions are from vantage point of a daily mechanical keyboard user who does not necessarily identify as a keyboard enthusiast. We received one of these new keyboards to test out before the May 12th release date, and can offer a close look and some usage impressions in this quick review. 65% keyboards have slightly more real estate for things like arrow keys, but for this review we’ll focus on the 60% form-factor. Ducky is a brand I’ve had my eye on previously, and I was very interested in trying one out for myself (particularly after watching this incredibly-well produced Hardware Canucks video and reading this Rtings review).

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