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    Why We Are A Family
    100 Reasons

    by Gregory E. Lang

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    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Cumberland House Publishing
    • Format: hardcover
    • Author: Gregory E. Lang
    • Release date: September 1, 2005
    • ISBN: 9781581824681 (1581824688)

    About The Book

    “My family has been the bedrock of my life — understanding, accepting, loving, helping, and teaching me at every step along my journey. It was from my family that I learned children come first and elders are to be respected, that I learned to give care and solace to those in need, to be thankful always and to give and receive affection often, to live up to my word and duty and to forgive, forget, have fun, and to never miss a chance to tell someone, ‘I love you.’ It is my family that I think about when in moments of reflection I ask myself what I am worth, what I have done with my life, and what I am going to do tomorrow.”

    — Best-selling author Gregory E. Lang Building a happy, healthy family is a high priority for most of us these days. In “Why We are a Family” Lang celebrates his family and all families with the traditions, togetherness, and lasting fellowship that strengthens everyone in them. He sees that love is what holds a family together and makes it strong by providing a reservoir of strength and comfort for every member to draw from.

    Born into a large, loving family, Lang counts his blessings every day for the support and affection his extended family brings to his life. Because of the strong ties that bind his family together, he has no trouble outlining what it means to be a family. From “We help one another, but we don’t keep score” to “We love to sit together and reminisce,” his 100 reasons for why a family is a family will ring true for families of all kinds.

    With photographs of families by varying sizes and backgrounds, “Why We are a Family” affirms all that is good about one of the basic building blocks of our lives and the world around us.

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