Catalyst Mentoring

We are about Shared Knowledge. We believe in good old fashion Know How.  If we do not know the answer, we will direct you to people or information that might help you.


Over the years, principals, Cheryl Leone, and Dave Favor, have seen themselves as teachers and mentors, with a first passion for teaching others the art of self-mastery, leadership, and how to have a 360 look at their world while trying to live an unbalanced life.

This is a holistic look at your world, from work to living to play.   It is focused on helping you find your passions, turn them into your own business or career, and a reality-based plan to make it work.  We have ‘been there and done that on most things in life, and we candidly admit the mistakes we made could have been avoided if we had known then what we know now.   Our desire is to bring you into a new world with a sound reality check that shows that you can indeed live an unbalanced life with joy.

Gone For The Gold, Living the Unbalanced Life With Joy  (Favor & Leone) is available on Amazon..