Fake News

After several audits proved that the election results were correct, a group in Arizona raised 6 million dollars to have their team audit the ballots. This four-week audit stretched into several months as they redid the audit several times. That was crazy, but what got me was an interview with a high-ranking state official. He was almost in tears, saying, I can’t stand this. I still do not know who won this election, he said. While this is crazy, the concern is more extensive than one state election.

The news is full of controversy over fake news, Facebook, Instagram, and wild conspiracy theories. It’s enough to drive me crazy. Ever wonder how did that happen? So I thought that this morning what if I wrote a blog post that said the sky is green. As long as I say that’s my belief or my opinion, perfectly fine. No problem. So now I go one step further, and I research to see if any others believe that, or if there’s another test or a study or anything. Sure enough, if I search long enough and hard enough, I’ll find someone or a test that supports my theory. So now I will write an entry in my blog and say I found a test that shows that I was right. The sky is green. And I refer to the test. Okay, still no problem if that was an actual test. But I notice that nobody else believes that.

Now I get upset, and I get emotional, and I start embellishing a little bit. I write a blog to say, millions of people have noticed that the sky is green. This is probably fake news right there. I made that up, but I am so emotional about the issue that I want people to believe me. So, I start this conspiracy theory or rumor. Not only is the sky green, but millions of people believe this, and I am just shocked that I don’t see this on the news more often. Eventually, I started getting people on my webpage writing comments saying they have noticed that or think the skies are a bit green. My readership grows and next thing you know, I have many people believing that the sky is green, not blue. So the problem that I see is that if you get emotional about an issue and start creating your own news writing fake stories, that is a problem.

I’m not sure why it is so difficult for these companies like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, whatever. Why they can’t discover that there’s an entry out there telling a false story and either put a disclaimer on it or take it down. Same thing with politics. Same thing with whatever topic you want to choose, like sports is another good example. Sounds like a simple solution, but for some reason, it is challenging for these big companies to determine that what was just posted on their site is totally fake.