Get on With Life

One of the challenges you discover once you get past that magic age (for me it was 75),  is the recovery of permission to own your own life, to feel what you feel, desire what you desire, and pursue whatever you want to pursue. For most of us, that permission is still very conditional, and you can’t get it from someone else. My current condition, combined with the current virus pandemic, presents an enormous opportunity for me to grant that permission. I live in a materialistic world with the fantasy that if I acquire enough things, somehow life will be meaningful and satisfying. If that worked, I would have seen it by now.

We tend to impose a lot of things on our life independently from what we want to do. For example, I tend to get upset if my trash didn’t get picked up again this morning. Now, of course, we’ve all been through a lot because of this virus, and now our life is upended. I think everyone has to figure out what they want to do and what their values are. My default position has been to please everyone and schedule my time last. Time for that to change.

I believe that we are accountable for our journey. We will have several things happen to us that push us in one direction or another, and we can spend a lot of life blaming others. If you remember our self-mastery discussions, we are responsible for our life and how it unfolds from the choices we made. Although life can be a huge burden, it is also an invitation. If you woke up this morning, you have just received permission to live life.  The big question is, will we accept this gift.

Is there an ideal kind of life that you dream about? Perhaps your ideal life consists of more money, more friends, or more time to do the things you love. Maybe the ideal life is one filled with less work and more vacations. Having the ideal life can be as simple as starting to exercise more, losing weight and becoming healthy again. Whatever kind of life you dream about having, I guarantee that it will take a little more than fate to get you there. Many, many people believe that fate will take them where they are supposed to go. While I do believe that everything happens for a reason, I also believe that you have an important role in making your own life amazing. I believe that creating the ideal life is not so much about fate as it is about making better choices every day.

The first important step is to take time to evaluate your life and get a clear picture of where you are. Be careful not to idealize your current situation. Commit to being honest with yourself in this process. Look for areas of your life that are going well and look for areas that could use improvement or extra care. If you’ve left your life in the hands of fate, there is a good chance that you’ll have some work to do in the weeks and months ahead.

Once you have evaluated your life, take time to consider the kind of life you want. If fate could give you any kind of life you wanted, what would it look like? Write down everything you think of, even if it seems hard to attain or silly.

Your ideal life will not happen without intentional action. Take the description of your dream life and begin breaking it down into goals that you can work toward. If you desire to have a better job, take steps to find a new job by looking at job postings or by inquiring at businesses in your area. The more proactive you are, the more you can change your life.

No matter how bad things are or how good things are for you right now, things can always get better. Work with fate instead of against it by taking action and moving toward the things you dream about. No matter what the result, your life will be richer and fuller because of your proactivity. I have discovered that life is short.  My parents, teachers, and friends tried to tell me, but I ignored that advice. Add my name to the people telling you.

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