Let’s Do This

I suspect that we all have some idea of what influence purpose has in our life.  Your purpose is the reason for which you were created or for which you exist. That seems kind of harsh, but I get the meaning.  I have been told that if I figured out my purpose, I would bound out of bed in the morning eager to go.  Well, that has not happened for a while.  I sometimes wake up and just hit the snooze button.  I do have a sheltie that wants to be fed and put out and sometimes adds to the wake-up noise.  Not sure what happened the last 78 years, but I wake up with a few aches and pains, a hungry dog, and no real job to go to. 

I want to make the most of my time left on this earth.  I would like to experience all there is and live true to my values.  I have a vision of what that person is like, but I am not always sure what to do.  My problem is, I allowed events to take over my vision.  I have a muscle disease that drains me of most of my energy.  Some nasty virus has put me under a shelter in place order at best and attacking my friends at worst. My purpose is shifting to staying active, which redefines success.   Sometimes I forget what drove me to get this far. Without a well-understood purpose, there is no vision.  With no vision, there is no plan. With no plan, there is no eagerness to get started. I would think, get started with what?

Consider this, if you knew you only had a few more years to live, your stamina is low, and there is a mean virus outside the door, what would you do? I have a few fantasies that I like to play with, but I am not talking about a bucket list.  I mean something more. The one big thing I always wanted to do. Something like leaving a legacy.  I believe that your purpose should define some kind of contribution. Sitting in my recliner reading books, watching a webinar, or going to a class is just prep work, not my purpose in life.

Grab yourself a beverage of choice, get comfortable, and think about that for a moment. Now, let’s not drift off into morbid land and think about the number of people that will remember you when you are gone. Think more in the lines of contribution and today.  Do you want to start a pay-it-forward project, pass on all your knowledge, become the best partner ever, be the father of the year, or cure the virus?  Something with pizzazz.  A purpose that would get you excited. You should consider these elements when defining your purpose.

  • Belief/religion/spirituality – Over time, I have developed a belief in a purpose for life, which requires that we each contribute to something more significant. For those who have a sense of spirituality in their life, the purpose is a sense of meaning and connection. 
  • Health & Fitness – These are critical for living a balanced life. If your body feels better, you will feel better. If you feel better, you tend to engage more. To accomplish your purpose, you must engage. 
  • Social – It is very important to have an active social life, as it keeps you connected and involved with the world. Also, having fun and sharing laughs helps you recharge intellectually and emotionally.  All of this helps you realize your purpose.
  • Companionship & Intimacy – Ultimately, every person is searching for a lasting, meaningful relationship. It can be both nurturing and challenging. The result is a greater sense of ourselves and a more fulfilling and happy life. This tends to support your quest to realize your purpose.

Now, kiss that girl you have a fantasy about, climb a mountain, buy a lottery ticket, or whatever short-term thought is driving you crazy and get it out of your system. It is time to get real. I am guessing that you are alone while you are doing this exercise, so go ahead and be a little crazy. Even if someone sees you, who cares, they probably think you are over the hill anyway.  Put the past aside and create a picture of what that new purpose would look like. What would the process be to realize your purpose look like? Now do it. I remember a great line in a movie; unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the film. Work it. Live it. Love it.  What is the worse that could happen?  Exactly!

Did you find some neat ideas in this blog? What are the exciting ideas you came up with, and how are you implementing them? Let me know by contacting me at dwfavor@catalystgroupinc.com.