What’s another Fantasy

Some of you may notice that I have chosen a charity for my birthday this year and wondered if there is a story behind that.  Well, of course, there is.  I could weave a great story but not today.  In this time of fake news and overblown egos, I thought we could get closer to the truth.  So, now for the story behind the story.

For years I have been embellishing my fantasy. I guess you could call it the ultimate bucket list.  It is not what you may think it is, and you won’t discover what it is today.  Hey, I said closer to the truth, not full disclosure.  Besides that, this, too, would be all about me. 

While I was having my coffee out on the deck yesterday, I was all frustrated about the alternative facts, storytelling, and fantasy worlds that I found watching the news.  That is when a small voice said to me, well, what about you.  Didn’t I choose to believe my own bias and tell a few stories.  I started to argue the point and realized that I was about to lose.  Then I thought, what would happen if there was one day that was not all about fantasies. That is when I got this note saying that perhaps in these trying times, I should choose a charity for my birthday.  I am just amazed when that happens, and I thought that was a neat idea. We are still under that stay at home thriller, so why not.  Even selecting a charity became a challenge.  The news release I got for my big announcement was full of their fantasy.  Then I noticed that I could edit the statement.  I started removing all the big words and grand statements. What you see on Facebook is my best shot, just the basics. 

That is my story, and I am sticking to it.  Oh, and I am too fond of my fantasy to give it up, it is just on hold.  So, enjoy the day and write your own story. It is not about the contributions or even the charity, that is my story. It is about thinking of others. Feel free to choose your own charity.