The Catalyst Way is about creating a philosophy on how to work and live in the 21st Century.


Focusing on individuals,  professional practices and small businesses, the Catalyst Way starts first with finding your passion, folding in a strong vision and developing plans that work to change the way you work and live.  At the heart of the parent company, Catalyst Group, Inc., is a belief that success comes with values based decision making that allows you a 360 way to live and work without conflict.   The principals of the company bring to the table over 100 years combined work and life experience that provides them the ability to say “been there, done that!”

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Our Expertise

Principals, Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone, joined together in 1999 to form the company.    As the company’s reputation grew Dave and Cheryl began to speak and write on the theories of personal self-mastery and  high performance businesses practices. Along the Catalyst Way they found clients who were seeking more than just having a business; their clients wanted a life that could be lived with purpose. Their training weekend retreats include leadership, self-mastery, and values based lifestyles.  They are known for their dynamic strategic plans for businesses that work.  Today Catalyst has implemented its philosophy in many successful thriving professional practices and small businesses. Catalyst is proud of its reputation with its clients and proudly points to any of them who are more than willing to provide over the top recommendations on their ability to make change that works with the Catalyst Way.

They are national speakers and published authors.  They readily admit they are not a volume business company choosing to find the right clients to work with.   They reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, where their clients travel to find out how to find the good life.

THE GOOD LIFE:  Living in a place you like, with people you love, doing the right work; on purpose.