The Catalyst Way is about creating a philosophy on how to work and live today.

Get Our NewsletterFocusing on individuals,  professional practices, and small businesses, the Catalyst Way starts first with finding your passion, folding in a strong vision, and developing plans that work to change the way you work and live.  At the heart of the parent company, Catalyst Group, Inc., is a belief that success comes with values-based decision-making that allows you a 360-degree way to live and work without conflict. The principals of the company bring to the table over 100 years of combined work and life experience that provides them the ability to say, “been there, done that!”

Our Companies

As Catalyst Group, Inc. grew, we found that the way we think and build businesses applies to all.     Law Firm Coach is our hands-on help where our clients hire us for strategic plans, monthly mentoring, building high-performance teams, and teaching and training management teams.   We added Wise Business Leader to help small businesses to get advice and help to start a business, redesign the current plan, or providing a helping hand to struggling businesses.  Together our team has over 100 years of management and hands-on help for law firms and small businesses.

                Catalyst Way is our philosophy and contains our take on how to live, work, and thrive in today’s environment.   The blogs “Dave on Deck” and “Cherylisms” are our personal and professional take on various subjects that have become popular.

We readily admit we are not a volume business, but instead choose to find the right clients to work with. If you are ready to join us on The Catalyst Way, reach out today and find out how to find the good life.

THE GOOD LIFE:  Living in a place you like, with people you love, doing the right work; on purpose.