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We ask all who meet us or visit our sites to join us along the Catalyst Way.   We believe we have knowledge that is meant to be shared and it need not be at a price.   We are a for profit company but more importantly we are about for others.   Our email data base is compromised of lawyers, doctors, small business owners, moms, dads, and people who are just trying to find a way to have the very best life they can.   We post blogs about any subject.

We do some free things like give away our services or even a neat gift or two because, frankly, it is fun.   We invite some to sit on our back deck to talk about life.   We offer ourselves and our philosophy to all who will listen.

And because this works we have found we have learned far more from others than I think we can ever give back.

If you want to do some thinking, have a bit of fun, and maybe see if life is worth changing or your business or practice can use a boost, then come join us the Catalyst Way.


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