Our Trusted Advisors

Beth Leone Michelle Joyce
Beth Leone Noble
Trusted Advisor Author Speaker Law Firm Owner
Michelle Joyce
Trusted Advisor
Mentor Business Coach

Catalyst Group, Inc. takes its own advice. We believe a strong business or practice surrounds itself with a core group of people we call Trusted Advisors. They are people who share our vision. They are in for the long-haul. They have demonstrated through actions they can be trusted to give us good sound business and personal advice. They are with us through thick and thin. Their enthusiasm makes you want to build a better life, a better practice and a better business. Most importantly, they are persons of high personal and professional ethics. Catalyst is very proud of its group of Trusted Advisors.

Also attached to Catalyst and recommend freely is our CPA, Lee Jackson of Dees, Dees & Jackson in Smithfield, North Carolina.  Lee understands people and he understands small businesses.  Add to the mix a good legal advisor, Natalie Miller, of Mooresville.   A strong business always has professional providers who have the same values and commitment.  More importantly they have the high ethics you want to see in people within these professions.
Throughout the year meetings are held with our advisors who provide insight and direction to us and our companies. When asked they will even meet with clients.  We have no hesitancy in recommending any of them.