About Us

The Catalyst Mentoring Way

Mentoring is knowledge shared. It is a relationship built upon trust and respect. The conversation between the mentor and mentee allows shared experiences to assist them in making informed decisions and act upon the ideas that are generated.

The goal of mentoring is to allow personal and professional development based in reality. It is about learning, not teaching
Catalyst Group companies are mentoring companies.

We believe this plays to our strengths and helps you get to where you want to go by teaching you how to get there whether it be law firms, small businesses, or personal and professional self-mastery.

Catalyst believes in conversations with its clients that leads to ‘ah ha’ moments when suddenly there is understanding over something that previously was an obstacle to which there appeared to be no solution.

Catalyst is about encouragement, support and stimulated thinking. We believe shared knowledge leads to learning and growth.

We build a trusting relationship that is built upon our belief in our values and our commitment to see our clients succeed. We create situations whether it is through preplanned meetings or informal conversations that allow our clients to seek solutions to problems, personal and professional.

We allow our clients to implement, so they learn. We allow our clients to make the decisions so that they can see the consequences of the decisions. Consultants tell people what to do. Catalyst teaches people so they can do it for themselves.