The Catalyst Way is about creating a philosophy on how to work and live in the 21st Century.


Focusing on individuals,  professional law firm practices and small businesses, the Catalyst Way of doing business starts first with finding your passion, folding in a strong vision, developing plans that work, and implementing best business practices. At the heart of the parent company, Catalyst Group, Inc., is a belief that success comes with values based management, high performance best business practices,  and extraordinary client-customer service.  All Catalyst clients build their businesses or practices this way.  The anchors that come with this type of philosophy allows businesses and practices to withstand the test of time.

Law Firm Coach. Wise Business Leader, 360 Catalyst, and Kid Strong USA are owned by Catalyst Group Inc.

Principals, Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone, joined together in 1999 to form the company.   Their extensive business background in corporate businesses and law firms allowed them to create a dynamic force.   Because of their love and belief in shared knowledge they wanted to become known as teachers about life and business by providing mentoring services to small businesses and law firms.  The company also does short term projects such as strategic planning, retreats, and high performance training. As the company’s reputation grew Dave and Cheryl began to speak and write on the theories of high performance businesses practices. They have spoken to many professional associations and businesses.  They readily admit they are not a volume business company choosing to find the right clients to work with. They are published authors and columnists.

Along the Catalyst Way they found clients who were seeking more than just having a business; their clients wanted a life that could be lived with purpose. Their training clinics include leadership, self-mastery, and values based lifestyles.   Today Catalyst has implemented its philosophy in many successful thriving law firms and small businesses. Catalyst is proud of its reputation with its clients and proudly points to any of them who are willing to testify to the ability to make change that works with the Catalyst Way.

Because of their strong belief supported by successful results that all practices and businesses start first with the individual’s life style and dreams,  Catalyst has recently launched 360 Catalyst with its new retreat Living The Unbalanced Life With Joy. The retreat is a two day boot camp in Raleigh  for individuals who want to find a new way to work and live in the 21st Century.  360 Catalyst will launch its own website in 2014

Coming in early 2014 is their next venture, KidStrong USA, a CRM program to be licensed to small businesses and professional practices.

Catalyst is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is expanding to a second office in Columbia, South Carolina in 2014.  Dave and Cheryl joined not only their businesses but their lives and have a combined group they call The Clan consisting of  children, spouses, partners, parents-in-law, grand-children, extended family and friends together with grand-dogs and grand-cats. Their home tends to bulge at the seams with a gathering of their beloved Clan.   It’s not uncommon to find a client or two in the mix.

Practicing Random Act of Kindness Catalyst gives freely of its time and profits to worthy causes that serve others. The deck of their Raleigh home has launched many a dream for their clients.  Known for their high-energy and humor, the two of them have created what they refer to as the Good Life.  They invite all to join them along the Catalyst Way.

THE GOOD LIFE:  Living in a place you like, with people you love, doing the right work; on purpose.


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